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It is with great pleasure that we announce the XIII Annual Meeting of the Chilean Astronomical Society (SOCHIAS), to be held March 1-4, 2016, in Antofagasta. We expect to bring together the growing diversity of research done by the Chilean astronomical community and close collaborators.

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2016 SOCHIAS - Medium

Practical matters

Scientific matters




Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Julio Chanamé (PUC, chair)
  • Javier Alonso-García (UA)
  • Roberto Assef (UDP)
  • Amelia Bayo (UV)
  • Eduardo Ibar (UV)
  • James Jenkins (UCh)
  • Rodrigo Reeves (UdeC)
  • Patricia Tissera (UNAB)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Eduardo Unda-Sanzana (UA, Chair)
  • Felipe Barrientos (PUC)
  • Christian Nitschelm (UA)
  • Médéric Boquien (UA)
  • Nuno Peixinho (UA)
  • Penélope Longa-Peña (UA)
  • Aracelly Herrera (UA)



This event is possible thanks to the generous support of the ALMA-CONICYT Fund, project 31140013; the Asociación de Industriales de Antofagasta; and the Universidad de Antofagasta.